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Too many books filling up your bookshelves? Come to Fjærland and sell them at the annual Solstice Bookfair.

Selling your own secondhand books is the basis behind the Solstice Bookfair idea. A summer’s evening in fair Fjærland, right in the heart of Sogn, nestled between fjord and glacier, surrounded by literature: who could possibly resist that? The Booktown arranges for a large, outdoor bookfair where you sell your own books by hiring a sales stand, manning it and selling books until the wee hours. Every Solstice Saturday, we put up tents and equipment for stands, invite authors and artists, and provide everything needed for a true literary festive event, for children and grown-ups alike. Readings, concerts, author interviews and talks about most topics are offered, all for free. Along with truly spectacular scenery, lots of books and good food and drink, what more could you possibly ask for?

Want to sell books? For NOK 250, you get a 3*3m garden tent, a table and a chair. You bring whatever books you wish, and we recommend making the sales stand worth visiting. A poster, a good amount of well sorted and interesting books, or other things to make your stand special. We are happy to help you pricing your books. Booksellers are required to have their stands ready by 3pm on the day of the Solstice Bookfair (next Bookair is Sat 22 June 2013). The Bookfair usually ends around 2am Sunday morning.

The Bookfair is entertaining for all audiences, and taking a day off in Fjærland is always a good experience – there is plenty to do and see. The website provides information about accomodation, and of course, you can contact us with any enquiries.

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