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Kart over utsala i Den norske bokbyen, Fjærland.

This map shows the bookshops in The Norwegian Booktown. Along a short stretch of road, you’ll find hundreds of thousands of books, well sorted and alphabetised, and in all categories and languages.

Our bookshops come in all shapes and sizes: A storage building containing over one kilometre of book shelves, and the smallest and most honest bookshop in the world: «Sjølvplukk», where you put NOK 10 in a box for every book you take. It’s a great system, and very fair. There is an old stable, a boat house and a former waiting room, all changed into bookshops of unique atmosphere. While we do have shelves outside each bookshop with discounted books for for people quickly passing through Fjærland, we highly recommend spending at least a whole day browsing our bookshelves. Only that way you get a reasonable overview over what we have. The experience is soothing and calming, and something definetely not to be missed.

Most of the books are in Scandinavian languages, but we do have a respectable amount of novels and poetry in English (that’s at Tusund og ei natt, cf. map above), as well as a good section of English crime and suspense. Other languages are also well catered for, be it German, French, Dutch or other. We have massive amounts of books on any topic, from maths to ornithology. These topical categories are not sorted by language, so books in eg. English will be found in between.


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