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The Norwegian Booktown distributes the publications from Sjørettsfondet – the Norwegian Maritime Law Foundation, both textbooks, articles and periodicals related to maritime law.

This section of the webshop contains the titles available in English only. The Norwegian titles are available here.

Sjørettsfondet – The Norwegian Maritime Law Foundation – fosters and encourages research in maritime law, transportation law, petroleum law, energy law and related juridical subjects. The periodical MarIus, which also includes the Scandinavian Institute Maritime and Petroleum Law Yearbook (SIMPLY), publishes works by researchers and students. The Foundation also publishes study literature.

In addition to purchasing publications here, you can also contact us for subscribing to MarIus and SIMPLY. The price will vary depending on pages per publication and the number of publications per year. Invoices based on actual costs are issued a few times a year.


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